Compass, photo by Rick Payette

Profile Committee Appointed

On June 11, the Vestry appointed seven people to serve on a Profile Committee as we begin the process of calling a new rector: Shauna Backus (chair), Mary Feltrup, Andrea Feist, Ed Leonard, Conrad Lee, Dave Hoffmann, and Davindia Steele. Many thanks to all for participating in this process!

The job of the Profile Committee is to collect information about the congregation and write a new church profile. This work will include updating the church history and neighborhood description from the previous profile. Also, the Profile Committee will conduct a survey to measure changes in St. Margaret’s membership and priorities since the previous rector search. Once the profile is complete, the Bishop’s office will review it for use in the new rector search.

The Bishop’s office has asked Paula Franck to act as a consultant and guide our parish through the search process. The wardens are working with closely with her, and she will meet with the Profile Committee to explain the steps to discern the parish’s future direction. We look forward to including your thoughts for the future of St. Margaret’s in our new church profile.