Time and Talent

This year we are focusing on being stewards of the very land on which we usually drive or walk or bike to worship. This land that solidly holds us and the landscape brimming with signs of life that encourages us to celebrate all that we can count on, all we have been given, all we enjoy as community.

We have a new way to share your time and talent with St. Margaret’s literally caring for the land. Because it is outside, we can safely do it together.

You have heard of the Adopt a Highway program. This might be called “Adopt a Piece of the Parish”. We are asking that individuals, families, church groups or groups of friends “adopt” a piece of the landscape to care for over the next year. An overall plan will be provided along with care and maintenance instructions for your specific area.

We will also have training for some of the more complex tasks like pruning. To begin with, we will be focusing on the perimeter of the property and the beds at the church entrance. We are hoping that many of you will want to become a Lay Weeder!