Retreats, Spiritual Renewal & Family Fun!

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.Psalm 62:5

The word “retreat” comes from the Latin verb “to pull back.” Retreats allow you to pull back, get inspired, become spacious, bond in sacred communion with others, and most importantly, deepen your relationship with God. There are many opportunities at Saint Margaret’s to “pull back” and connect more deeply in faith and fellowship.

Annual Parish Camping Retreat

Building memories for over 40 years!
Join us for fun, adventure, fellowship, and s’mores at the annual Fort Stevens State Park camping trip near Astoria, OR.  For over forty years, campers from St. Margaret’s have enjoyed this amazing campground which has miles of bike trails, quick access to the beach (complete with the remains of a sunken ship), a historic military area, and great campsites.  We camp in a big block of sites so that we are able to socialize with one another, making it the perfect setting for families. Contact us for more information.

Here is a link to more information about Fort Stevens State Park.

Come and See… Go and Tell / Cursillo

CURSILLO (Kur-see-yo) is a very special opportunity for spiritual growth and renewal.  It is a three-day retreat that focuses on Christian renewal.

Who directs Cursillo?

In Episcopal Cursillo, the Bishop sponsors the movement in each Diocese and a lay dominated “Secretariat” makes policy and chooses leadership. The person who directs each weekend is always a lay person.  Clergy participate as part of the spiritual team or as workers only.

God’s Timing is Important

Cursillo gives a method for continual Christian growth, which is taught over a three-day weekend retreat.  The time to make a Cursillo retreat is an individual and God-directed decision.  The time may not be right if you are experiencing physical or family crisis.  Cursillo is an intense Christian renewal and requires all of your mind and body in reasonably stable health.


Every applicant needs to have two sponsors.  One is your parish priest, and the other a lay person who has attended a Cursillo weekend.  If you would like to go, do not wait to be asked; instead go to someone who has been to Cursillo and talk to that person.

A Method for Continual Christian Growth

During Cursillo you will learn a method for Christian growth.  The way it is presented may be new.  The last day builds on the first two. The first night (Thursday) includes a meditation and a silent retreat.  Silence ends with breakfast on Friday morning.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are taken up with talks given by those who have been to Cursillo before, plus activities to enhance the discussions.

The general outline is as follows:
  1. What is fundamental to being a Christian?
  2. How do I live the life of Grace?
  3. How do I structure my Christian life?

After each talk you will be asked to work with your small group on discussion, poster, and summary.  You will be in the same small group all weekend for this purpose.  You will get to visit with others during breaks and at meal times.  While you will not feel rushed, there will not be mountains of free time and the nights may seem short.  There will be times of seriousness as well as times of just plain fun.  Contact our Pastoral Team for more information.

Days of Silence

The Day of Silence is generally held during Advent and Lent from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the beautiful Peace and Spirituality Center in Bellevue on the lake at St. Joseph’s Sisters of Peace convent.  We have two silent meditation periods in the morning and two silent meditation periods in the afternoon.  Break for a lovely lunch catered by Panera Bread followed by more reflection teachings following meditation periods and the day closes with a Eucharist led by the clergy. Contact us for more information.

Women’s Retreat

St. Margaret’s Women’s Retreat is an annual retreat offering time of respite, fellowship, refreshment, and spiritual renewal and is open to all. St. Andrew’s House is a perfect retreat location with beautiful views of Hood Canal, gourmet meals, hiking trails, a walking labyrinth, a quick walk into the quaint town of Union, or simply take a nap or curl up with your favorite book during personal rest time. Retreats are usually scheduled in the fall. Contact us for current dates!

St. Andrew’s House began as a retreat center for the Diocese of Olympia in 1954, when the Lodge and its seven acres were given as a gift to the Diocese It is a traditional log cabin style walls, elegant hardwood floors, a massive stone hearth, two oak staircases leading to an overhanging balcony and two bedroom wings combine to make for a retreat experience like no other. The Lodge can accommodate 30 overnight guests; larger groups can book concurrently Bayne Cottage with space for 8 more.  The St. Andrews experience is warm and nurturing because of their excellent staff, food & facilities.
For more information about Saint Andrews House, click here.