COVID-19 Update

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Dear Members,

As many of you already know, the entire Church Building and the Thrift Shop are closed until further notice, due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. There will be no services or meetings in the church building. We’re closely following guidance from the diocese, King County Public Health, and the Washington Department of Health, and we look forward to re-opening the building as soon as it is prudent to do so.

For Sunday worship, please follow the live stream at either St. Mark’s Cathedral or the National Cathedral. Follow these links: St. Mark’s or National Cathedral.

Download Here the Prayers of the People written by our Prayer Team. Please read these prayers every day at noon or 5 pm so that we can pray together as a community.

Members of the clergy and vestry will be calling to check in on you so don’t hesitate to call one of us if you need something.

Please remember to send in your financial commitments either through the mail or through online giving linked HERE. This is a time when our rental income is not coming in and we still have financial obligations to meet. I do want you to understand that if we end up reducing our staff compensation or eliminate staff positions, those staff will not qualify for unemployment benefits as churches do not contribute to unemployment.

It is important to find activities for our children and teens and Washington State University has an extension to help us do just that.

Remember to do something you love to do, communicate with your family and friends and stay focused on the positive.

Please know that I pray for you daily and am only a phone call away (253-243-4567).

In Christ,


A Special Prayer:
Lord we don’t know how to pray in this unusual circumstance that we are in; we have no experience for times such as this when we are asked to stay home and can’t go to school. Remind us to trust one another and stay connected. Show us the miracle of love in little things and to appreciate the people who love and care for us as well as those who serve us. Make us mindful of the needs of others and encourage us to be willing to share of our abundance: the abundance of things, of our hope and faith. Let us share kind words and our patience. Let us strive to be more than we ever believed we could be. Help us to reflect you in all that we say and do. Let your love and peace flow through us to those around us so we might become their courage and their hope in you.