Lenten Meditations 2019

Many of us are familiar with the Gospel stories of Jesus’ life and ministry, death and resurrection. This year we’re looking through a different Scriptural lens, contemplating Lent and Holy Week through the filter of the Book of Psalms. Psalms are songs sung to God—but not just songs of praise. They are also songs of grief, anger, pleading, shame, and even vindictiveness. In other words, they contain all the human emotions, not just the ones we’ve come to decide are “good” or “holy.”

As we look closely at each psalm chosen, we’re invited to consider how God responds to the psalmist, and to us, when we feel the way the psalmist is expressing. What can we learn about God the Father, about Jesus, about the Holy Spirit? What can this psalm can teach us about praying in the way of love?

You are invited to observe a blessed Lent and Holy Week with the parishioners of St. Margaret’s, as we share our hopes, fears, thoughts, and prayers about ourselves, our world, and our God. Download the 2019 Lenten Meditations, or contact office@saintmargarets.org to become part of the mailing list which receives these daily.


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